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When the same thing happened in 2015, the public passions took a more personal turn.

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The lab doesn’t help struggling birds unless their woes are human-caused, like when a chick is tangled in fishing line. They're looking for adult relationships with younger guys. Experienced and ready to give you the benefit of that experience, we have thousands of members all over the UK. Dating younger guys is a great way to meet fresh, vigorous and enthusiastic guys who might need to be shown the ropes! The women on Older for Younger have joined for a reason.” one viewer emailed to Jeffrey Brodeur, the communications specialist who ran the camera.Another wrote: “I realize this is nature, but once you put up a cam to view into their worlds it is no longer nature.Along the way, many become attached to the little birds, eager to see them spread their wings and fly.

[Nest cam livestreams bald eagle parents feeding a cat to their eaglets] But nests are also nature, and nature can be nasty. Brodeur, who had taken on the camera as a pet project, weathered the ire of the 2014 season and adhered to a policy of refusing to intervene, as advised by osprey experts.

The viewers were never identified, but their actions prompted a scolding on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam’s Facebook page, reminding them that feeding bald eagles, which are protected, is a federal offense. R.” that Ginnie Pritchett Mc Spadden says she has dealt with since her family launched the uber-popular cam four years ago.

They started out with an eagle pair they named Ozzie and Harriet.

That is a staid reference to cam fans whose emotions about the nest morphed into vitriol — and fighting words.

When the osprey mother began neglecting and attacking her chicks in 2014, anxiety exploded among some viewers, as did demands that the institution intervene to save the baby birds.

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