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The cost of medical care here is some four times higher while the population is poorly resourced,” Matarira reasons.

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But a group of scientists from the University of Zimbabwe are determined to pull all stops to unearth the “healing powers” of some of these natural remedies, especially given the condition of the health sector which remains underfunded.Parirenyatwa and Gwinji could not be reached for comment.Earlier this year the government banned the sale of alternative medicines on the streets and the regulatory body, the Medicines Control Association of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) said this was meant to protect members of the public.The other therapy that is being used includes silver and selenium in the form of electrodes.“Freshly prepared electrode ionised water from silver or selenium is an immuno-booster 30 times more effective than antibiotics,” claims Matarira.“The minister okayed our initiative, but the only challenge we have is the hospitals and pharmaceuticals who obviously would not want competition,” she said.

The senior lecturer said they were not allowed to advertise their inventions, but many people in Africa were still unable to access health care.

She added that according to the latest Nature Medical Journal, if used together with antibiotics, it is 100 times more effective.

“The cost of electrodes is cheaper as they last for over a year before the arms are replaced if used continually.

Back in the USSA Wanek, 45, is sitting on an overstuffed couch in a darkened room at MBN Studios in Philadelphia, one of the more interesting stops on the tour. The brass attack was not part of any grand design, but a happy accident. Then he thought about, and auditioned, trombone, accordion and French horns. But when Adam Tomasek walked in and started playing, a light went off. "So I though we don't need a solo guitarist." The new lineup hit France, Switzerland and Poland, but a tour of the United States (something the band had been doing twice a year through the late '90's) was nowhere in sight for several reasons.

It's a juice bar, art gallery, production studio and venue. After Zidel left, citing family obligations, Wanek decided to find a new guitarist -- and experiment with different sounds: Why not, since he was spending so much of his time writing arrangements, anyhow? A couple of times, he had penciled in potential dates for a North American tour.

“We have about 50 patients with various ailments under our programme and we have testimonies of some whose conditions have been reversed,” claimed the professor.